[SciPy-user] newscipy: linalg.iterative?

Giovanni Samaey giovanni.samaey at cs.kuleuven.ac.be
Wed Oct 26 05:35:39 CDT 2005

Hi all,

i have (successfully?) installed newcore and newscipy from svn.
I get no compile or install errors, but I experience two problems:

1) can't run the tests:
errors along the lines of
!! FAILURE importing tests for  <module 'scipy.xxx.foo' from 

I have reported this error already before, and also a couple of days ago 
Michael Williams asked about this
on this list.   It seems the type of question no one replies ...

2) scipy.linalg.iterative appears not to be there (it was in a previous 
has this been removed, permanently or temporarily, or did I make an 
install mistake of some kind (e.g. forget to check out something.)


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