[SciPy-user] subversion and installation instructions?

Giovanni Samaey giovanni.samaey at cs.kuleuven.ac.be
Fri Sep 2 02:01:16 CDT 2005

Dear all,

I have tried to install scipy on ournew university-wide cluster, but I 
am unsure as to whether the install was completely successful.
I checked out scipy from svn, and because that alone gave me "scipy_base 
not found", I needed to look through the mail on this
list to find out that there exists a separate "scipy_core" module, which 
also has to be checked out and installed separately.
Now both of these are installed. However, I only get 246 tests on 
level=10.  I remember that this was much more in the past.
Did I forget to install something?

I also get one failure, which is listed below. 

I must say that I am not exactly running on a standard system...  We run 
on a cluster of Opterons,
use pathscale as compiler, and the BLAS and LAPACK are from the AMD Core 
Math Library instead of ATLAS.  Once this system is working
and validated, I will post detailed installation instructions for this 



FAIL: check_dot (scipy.lib.blas.test_blas.test_fblas1_simple)
Traceback (most recent call last):
line 75, in check_dot
line 662, in assert_almost_equal
    assert round(abs(desired - actual),decimal) == 0, msg
Items are not equal:
DESIRED: (-9+2j)
ACTUAL: (-9+2.1839129395899578e-317j)

Ran 246 tests in 1.658s

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