[SciPy-user] More installation troubles

Alexander Borghgraef alexander.borghgraef.rma at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 07:18:36 CDT 2005

On 9/8/05, Pearu Peterson <pearu at scipy.org> wrote:
> scipy 0.3.2 does not have fftw3 support, it's only available in CVS/SVN
> version of scipy. You can either ignore it (since scipy uses fortran
> fftpack instead fftw), or install fftw2, or get scipy/scipy_core from SVN
> repository.

Ok, I'll stick to fftpack then, I installed fftw3 for another library, I'm 
not going to mess with that.

This looks like a numarray/Numeric issue. For some reasons Numeric imports
> dotblas from numarray package.

Yep. Removing numarray solved that problem. Now I'm back to the include 
problem described in my other post.

Alex Borghgraef
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