[SciPy-user] scipy.gplt PNG output without plotting on screen

Johann Rohwer jr at sun.ac.za
Fri Sep 16 09:44:58 CDT 2005


Is there a way using scipy.gplt to output your graphs to files without 
having them plotted to screen first? I have a script that generates 
lots of plots, and currently run a whole sequence of commands to 
build up every plot, e.g.:

>>> scipy.gplt.plot(x,y)
>>> scipy.gplt.xtitle('xxx')
>>> scipy.gplt.ytitle('yyy')
>>> scipy.gplt.logx('on')
>>> scipy.gplt.save('file.png')

I find that updating the plot on screen takes up a lot of time which 
almost doubles the total execution time of my script.


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