[SciPy-user] licence: GNU or not GNU for new image analysis platform

Sebastian Haase haase at msg.ucsf.edu
Fri Sep 16 15:45:14 CDT 2005


I noticed that you changed MayaVi's license from GPL to BSD. Why did you think 
this was needed ?

I have developed (rather: put together) a platform for (interactive) 
multidimensional image analysis and algorithm development. It's a graphical 
shell window based on wxPython's PyShell  where I added a nice, fast 
OpenGL-based 2d image viewer. But the main aspect of all this was that it 
comes pre-compiled and ready to use ! (Including numarray, wxPython ... for 
Linux or Windows or Mac-OSX)

Now: before I can give this to anyone my university requires me to attach a 
license to this. I think I like the "copyleft" idea of GPL or maybe better 
My understanding is that this would allow a company to sell it, but they would 
have "make their changes publicly available" (under LGPL again)

I think Fernando's IPython is LGPL  - and I think my "platform" is quite a 
similar spirit...

All comments are most welcome 

Sebastian Haase
UCSF, Sedat Lab

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