[SciPy-user] Installation on dual opteron ...

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Wed Sep 28 08:02:13 CDT 2005

On Wed, 28 Sep 2005, Fernando Perez wrote:

> Arnd Baecker wrote:


> > Therefore it would be good if scipy.xplt is kept in
> > the new scipy (Maybe with a comment in the documentation:
> > "Only for backwards-compatibility - use matplotlib instead")
> > so that old code can still run with the new scipy.
> Well, I certainly don't maintain it, so it's ultimately not my call to make.
> It's a matter of manpower.  My impression has always been that there isn't
> enough of that to maintain the scipy.*plt family when John and his team are
> taking care of matplotlib.  And just as much as in the future we hope that the
> numerical functionality in matplotlib will migrate (gently) towards scipy, I
> think that scipy's core should equally divest itself from plotting conerns.
> There's only so much that can be effectively maintained, documented and
> developed, and dividing responsibility is the first step towards a sustainable
> model.  I worry that by trying to carry *plt around, scipy hurts itself, given
> the limited human resources available, which are already stretched pretty thin.
> While matplotlib may not be perfect, I'd rather see Travis' and Robert's time
> go towards working on core scipy issues, and let John and his group nibble
> away at matplotlib's remaining problems.  There is _plenty_ of work to do in
> scipy, believe me :)

All valid and true points - and indeed I do believe you that there
are loads things to be done...
It really depends on how much work maintaining scipy.xplt is,
and this has to be judged by someone else, not me, as
I am just stating an end-users wish on scipy.xplt.

> But again: these are not my personal responsibility, so ultimately the call
> will be made by Travis, Robert and the other core developers.  But my vote is
> for deprecation, even if it has some negative impact on people.

Deprecation is fine with me, but it would be good, if it
still could be used for backwards-compatibility reason
(I would really like to avoid rewriting a lot of code, in particular
as long as a couple of things cannot be transferred directly from
scipy.xplt to matplotlib)

But this is not in contradiction with your point

> I'd rather
> distribute it as a standalone package _outside_ of scipy, which can be used
> (and perhaps maintained in the future) by those who actually need it, without
> it being in the scipy core libraries.

and Travis solution, to have this as a separate, still easy-to-install
package. In particular, when one still can use `scipy.xplt.*`,
all the old code will work and everything is fine.



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