[SciPy-user] 3d plotting question

Ryan Krauss ryanfedora at comcast.net
Wed Sep 28 16:57:41 CDT 2005

You can actually use Gnuplot from Python.  I have had the best luck with 
  the Gnuplot.py package (http://gnuplot-py.sourceforge.net/).  If it 
doesn't implement the features you want, you can send pure gnuplot code 
from your python script to the gnuplot session.

Mayavi is pretty good but I think a bit more complicated 
(http://mayavi.sourceforge.net/).  It can do some neat animations.  But, 
it doesn't do as nice a job of generating post-script files as gnuplot. 
  I use mayavi for animations and gnuplot.py for print quality graphics.


Yaroslav Bulatov wrote:
> There are so many 3d plotting packages, but I'm looking for something
> simple that'll resemble 3d plots of Gnuplot/Mathematica, can someone
> recommend one?
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