[SciPy-user] splrep problem...

emmanuel pecontal pecontal at obs.univ-lyon1.fr
Thu Sep 29 08:52:27 CDT 2005


I am trying to use the splrep function to fit data with a B-spline. It works 
well when the knots are computed by the routine (ie task=0). But when I 
provide the knots myself I have a segmentation error. And if I provide the 
knots list computed by splrep in a previous call with task=0, I have the same 
behaviour. For example:
a = arange(100)*2*pi/10.
tck = interpolate.splrep(a,sin(a),s=1)
tck = interpolate.splrep(a,sin(a),task=-1,t=tck[0])
-> segmentation error

Does someone has an idea of what is happening?

Emmanuel Pécontal

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