[SciPy-user] ask help for scipy install

Jordan Mantha mantha at chem.unr.edu
Sun Apr 2 17:01:02 CDT 2006

Ryan Krauss wrote:
> I run scipy in Ubuntu Breezy, so it definitely works.  But I installed
> from source, so I can't tell you what might be wrong with the package.
>  Installing from source in Ubuntu isn't too painful since Atlas, Blas,
> Lapack and all that are available as packages (that I know do work). 
> If you can't resolve your issue with the package install, let me know
> if you want help installing from source.
I've run Scipy on both Ubuntu Breezy and Dapper. scipy.test(10) worked
fine for me (on Dapper) without building from source. But then I also
got numpy and scipy working on my Intel iMac last week so maybe I'm just
getting lucky.


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