[SciPy-user] SciPy with gcc4 and gfortran on OS X

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 20:06:15 CDT 2006

Andres Gonzalez-Mancera wrote:
> I agree in that your problem does not have to do with gfortran at  this
> point. I tried installing Scipy from yesterdays SVN and run into  the
> same error regarding _umfpack. I was able to install the latest 
> released versions of Numpy and Scipy on Mac Os X 10.4.6 in a G4 but 
> using G77 and GCC 3.3.
> From my experience the SVN versions are a little difficult since one 
> day can work while other may not. May I ask you why you want to use 
> Gfortran and the newer version of GCC. I don't think this will bring 
> any improvements in speed over g77 but I might be wrong though.

The new Intel Macs do not support gcc 3.x. gcc 4.x does not support g77.

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