[SciPy-user] F2PY stopped working with new scipy

Neilen Marais nmarais at sun.ac.za
Mon Apr 10 05:18:55 CDT 2006

Hi Robert

On Fri, 07 Apr 2006 10:50:47 -0500, Robert Kern wrote:

> Neilen Marais wrote:
>> After installing numpy-0.9.6 and scipy-0.4.8, trying to generate the wrappers
>> results in the following output:
>> $ f2py --fcompiler=intel -m testmod -c test_data.f90 test_prog.f90
>>   adding '/tmp/tmp_cZX2X/src/testmod-f2pywrappers2.f90' to sources.  running
>>   build_ext customize UnixCCompiler customize UnixCCompiler using build_ext
>>   Could not locate executable efort Could not locate executable efc warning:
>>   build_ext: fcompiler=intel is not available.
> This is the problem. The first thing to check is that efc is on your PATH. The

efc? AFAIK the official driver name for intel fortran is ifort, and this is
indeed on my path. An older name is ifc, though it complains about that command
name being deprecated:

brick at genugtig:/usr/local/src/numpy-0.9.6
$ ifc
ifc: warning: The Intel Fortran driver is now named ifort.  You can suppress
this message with '-quiet'
ifort: Command line error: no files specified; for help type "ifort -help"

brick at genugtig:/usr/local/src/numpy-0.9.6
$ efc
bash: efc: command not found

brick at genugtig:/usr/local/src/numpy-0.9.6
$ ifort -v
Version 9.0

brick at genugtig:/usr/local/src/numpy-0.9.6

I also added symbolic links for efc and efort. Still no-go though.

> second thing to check is the version string of the compiler. numpy.distutils
> uses regexes to extract the version of the compiler from the version string. It
> is possible that you are using a version of the compiler that has a different
> string than we are expecting.

How can I obtain this test string? It did work with the older version
of scipy/f2py, so this may be some sort of regression.


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