[SciPy-user] accessing a class's code

Ryan Krauss ryanlists at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 10:39:33 CDT 2006

I don't have the best of luck with comp.lang.python and I get great
results from this list.  So, I am mildly sorry about the general
python question and the double post.

I have a set of Python classes that represent elements in a structural
model for vibration modeling (sort of like FEA).  Some of the
parameters of the model are initially unknown and I do some system
identification to determine the parameters.  After I determine these
unknown parameters, I would like to substitute them back into the
model and save the model as a new python class.  To do this, I think
each element needs to be able to read in the code for its __init__
method, make the substitutions and then write the new __init__ method
to a file defining a new class with the now known parameters.

Is there a way for a Python instance to access its own code
(especially the __init__ method)?  And if there is, is there a clean
way to write the modified code back to a file?   I assume that if I
can get the code as a list of strings, I can output it to a file
easily enough.

I am tempted to just read in the code and write a little Python script
to parse it to get me the __init__ methods, but that seems like
reinventing the wheel.

I don't just want to read and write a vector of coefficients because
after I have identified the unknown structural parameters, I will use
the model for control design and there will be a new set of unknown
control parameters.



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