[SciPy-user] array vs matrix, converting code from matlab

David Cournapeau david at ar.media.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Thu Apr 20 05:38:53 CDT 2006

Dear numpy users,

    I am converting some code from matlab to numpy/scipy, but still a 
bit confused by numpy, mostly the array vs matrix issue. Looking at the 
scipy website, the matrix type looks the closest to matlab syntax, but I 
still have some issues:

    - under matlab, everything, including scalar, are matrices in matlab 
sense.  In python, they are not. So, of I want to handle scalar case in 
a function which takes arrays, what should I do ? Having special case 
for scalar sounds like a pain, so is asarray/asmatrix the best way to 
handle those cases so my function only deal with array types ?
    - what is the difference between matrix and array, except syntax ? 
If I want to handle both in one function, what is the "best" method ? 
Using one type only (for example matrix), and using asmatrix on all 
arguments accordingly ?

To convert my matlab code, I was thinking about using asmatrix for 
arguments in all my functions, but I am not sure this is really the 
"right" way. I was hoping some other people would have some experience 
with the same issues, and could give me some general advices

    thank you,


    P.S: it would be great to have this kind of information on scipy 
website; right now, the scipy for matlab users part is a bit sparse... I 
am willing to change this once I understand the problem myself, of course:)

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