[SciPy-user] which parallel programming package?

Russel russel at appliedminds.net
Mon Apr 24 11:18:54 CDT 2006

I have had success with
on gentoo linux with mpich2
I am trying to get it working on solaris today, but mpich2 is being  

On Apr 24, 2006, at 9:09 AM, Robert Cimrman wrote:

> Hi,
> I have checked the homepages of various parallel programing packages
> (based on MPI) listed at http://scipy.org/Topical_Software, and  
> none of
> them seems to be recently updated. Which of them do/would you use and
> recommend? I do not need anything fancy, just pass a bunch of data
> (numpy arrays, scalars) over a cluster, and quickly.
> r.
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