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Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 00:14:27 CDT 2006

[Cross-posted because this is partially an announcement. Continuing discussion
should go to only one list, please.]

Antonio Arauzo Azofra wrote:
> Google Summer of Code
> http://code.google.com/soc/
> Have you considered participating as a Mentoring organization? Offering 
> any project about Scipy?

I'm not sure which "you" you are referring to here, but yes! Unfortunately, it
was a bit late in the process to be applying as a mentoring organization. Google
started consolidating mentoring organizations. However, I and several others at
Enthought are volunteering to mentor through the PSF. I encourage others on
these lists to do the same or to apply as students, whichever is appropriate.
We'll be happy to provide SVN workspace for numpy and scipy SoC projects.

I've added one fairly general scipy entry to the python.org Wiki page listing
project ideas:


If you have more specific ideas, please add them to the Wiki.

Potential mentors: Neal Norwitz is coordinating PSF mentors this year and has
asked that those he or Guido does not know personally to give personal
references. If you've been active on this list, I'm sure we can play the "Two
Degrees of Separation From Guido Game" and get you a reference from someone else

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