[SciPy-user] GiNaC / Scipy ?

Jelle Feringa / EZCT Architecture & Design Research jelle.feringa at ezct.net
Tue Apr 25 05:26:32 CDT 2006

I don't have much to say Re: SciPy and this, but it's certainly worth
linking to from the SciPy wiki, if nothing else.  I guess the main thing
you'd want is to be able to do is evaluate GiNaC expressions using values
taken from Numpy arrays.

>From what I understand one is able to do so with the current state of the

Which is pretty impressive.

I cant say so for sure since I haven't been able to build GiNaC so far.

Are the SWIG wrappers currently better than the Boost::python wrappers
linked to from the main ginac page?  Since they're linked, the boost ones
seem to be more "official" than the swig ones.

Some pointers on that matter here: http://swiginac.berlios.de/chicago05.pdf

The boost.python wrapper is also a orphane, perhaps that's been a strong
consideration as well.

Also it seems the auther prefers SWIG over boost.python


// Let's not overlook Matlab's symbolic toolbox either.  ;-)
// (It's pretty much the only add-on toolbox I ever use in Matlab.)

I'm a bit surprised sometimes by the dominance of matlab references on this

Quite sure you'd like mathematica a lot of symbolic computing is of your

On that note, mathematica comes supplied with a (mathlink) module for
binding it to python.

I've tried building this module

-\Wolfram Research\Mathematica\5.1\AddOns\MathLink\LanguageBindings\Python\-

But never managed to do so successfully. Python dies when I import the

I would love to know whether anyone successfully build it.







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