[SciPy-user] ***[Possible UCE]*** repmat of matrix returns array

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Thu Apr 27 15:05:28 CDT 2006

Keith Goodman wrote:

>Do most operations on matrices return matrices? In porting Octave
>code, I noticed that the repmat of a matrix is an array.
>I decided to use matrices simply because that's what they are called
>in Octave. What do you recommend for new users who have a background
>in Octave, matrix or array? Do people generally pick one and not use
>the other?
I usually use arrays all the time and matrices only when I need to 
express some matrix formula.

As a result, the matrices are not as well developed (there are issues 
like the one you mentioned all over the place).   Matrices not being 
preserved through operations is a big reason they have not been used in 
the past.  We are trying to fix this and have some strategies for doing 
it (asarray followed by __array_wrap__ at the end).   These strategies 
have just not been universally applied to all the functions yet.


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