[SciPy-user] install - floating point exception (scipy-tests)

python@axtom.com python at axtom.com
Fri Apr 28 11:03:39 CDT 2006

Hi all,

Thank you Andrew, my processor has indeed SSE support. It is an AMD Opteron
I will install a patched libc6 debian package from your site, and let you know.

Jean Pierre

python at axtom.com wrote:

>Hi all,
>I have installed scipy, and have some fp exceptions when running the tests.
>Does anyone else experiment the same thing?
GNU libc version 2.3.2 has a bug "feclearexcept() error on CPUs with
SSE" (fixed in 2.3.3) which has been submitted to Debian but not fixed
in sarge.

See the following URL for more info, including links to the above bug
reports and patched .debs:

Jean Pierre

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