[SciPy-user] test runnig error

Hugo Siles silesalvarado at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 28 11:13:00 CDT 2006


I am trying to make a correct instalation of the last version of scipython 
(for the first time of any),
during rhe instalation every thing seems to go quite well, when I run de 
>>>import scipy
>>>scipy.test(level=1, verbosity=2)
and after 700 tests or more (ok) gives the import clapack error, not defined 
I am using complete libraries for laplack and atlas all compiled with intel 
fortran, I also have teh last version  of numpy.
I get the same error for all levels ( from 1 to 10) and usually after about 
700 test ok.

I will appreciate any help

Hugo Siles

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