[SciPy-user] install - floating point exception (scipy-tests)

Scott Ransom sransom at nrao.edu
Fri Apr 28 13:16:14 CDT 2006

Just another data point:  I'm running new numpy/scipy on a cluster of 
Opterons with Debian AMD64 unstable (with the AMD64 Atlas .debs) and have 
not seen this problem.


On Friday 28 April 2006 14:11, Andrew Straw wrote:
> python at axtom.com wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >Thank you Andrew, my processor has indeed SSE support. It is an AMD
> > Opteron 64-bit.
> >I will install a patched libc6 debian package from your site, and let
> > you know.
> Hmm. Are you running with amd64 architecture or the i386? I haven't
> found that patch to be necessary on amd64. If it is, you'd have to
> rebuild the .debs -- the binaries are only compiled for i386. (The bug
> certainly does affect the i386 architecture, though...)
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