[SciPy-user] ImportError: cannot import name Int8

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Aug 2 14:19:38 CDT 2006

John Hassler wrote:

> And _does_ matplotlib have to be compiled with the same compiler as 
> Python?
> john

No, you just have to set the --compiler= flag to the compiler you want 
to use.  On Windows I install the mingw compiler and then use


for the config and build distutils command:

python setup.py config --compiler=mingw32 build --compiler=mingw32 install

You can replace the last install with bdist_wininst to get a windows 

If you want to avoid setting the compiler every time you compile you can add



to the distutils.cfg  (I think that's the name but I might be wrong) 
file in the site-packages/distutils directory of your Python installation


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