[SciPy-user] jn & lpmn or sph_jn...

fred fredantispam at free.fr
Wed Aug 2 16:11:40 CDT 2006

David Huard a écrit :
> I hope someone else will find a better answer to your question, but here
> is something you could try if you are really hungry for speed.


Ok, thanks for the hint, I'm working on it.

However, I would like to see how jn(n,x) is written.
I did not find nothing about it (no "def jn:"), except the fact that
jn(n,x) is written in C, in cephes/.
But I did not find out how the interface C/python is written, as in
fortran (source specfun.f -> specfun.pyf -> basic.py).
I'm going on the bad way ?

Any suggestion are welcome.



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