[SciPy-user] Pycluster, Numeric, & numpy

R. Padraic Springuel R.Springuel at umit.maine.edu
Thu Aug 3 16:54:27 CDT 2006

I'm trying to do some cluster analysis and running into a small problem. 
  The cluster package which is included in scipy only does k-means style 
clustering, and I need to do hierarchical clustering as well.  So I 
downloaded Pycluster which has that ability.  However, Pycluster uses 
Numeric, which I no longer have since scipy was upgraded to use numpy 
instead.  Does anyone have any experience with updating packages to use 
numpy instead of Numeric?  I tried replacing the "from Numeric import *" 
line in Pycluster with "from numpy import *" but this creates a program 
fault which crashes Python.

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