[SciPy-user] Pycluster, Numeric, & numpy

Christian Kristukat ckkart at hoc.net
Thu Aug 3 18:09:17 CDT 2006

R. Padraic Springuel wrote:
>> Yes, I have. I took the easy way out: replacing references to Numeric with
>> numpy, and then fixing the few places where pycluster crashes. I did this
>> last summer so my memory isn't fresh. I'll try to figure it out again for
>> you.
>> By the way, there was talk in the mailing list a couple months ago about
>> including pycluster into SciPy. The catch is that pycluster relies on a
>> Numerical Recipies random number generator. So there would have to be a
>> branch that rips it out of the C code and replaces it with something from
>> the numpy library.
>> john
> Problem is that my interpreter crash is not giving me any traceback 
> errors, so I can't figure out which line(s) is(are) causing the problem.

With recent numpy you can try a
from numpy.oldnumeric import *
this will at least provide old-style names. And I believe to remember that I've
heard about a translation script from Numeri to numpy but I don't remeber where.
However as you don't get a traceback, this seems to be more severe than the
approach above will be able to solve.

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