[SciPy-user] Using Mayavi's tvtk/mlab within pyGTK?

René Donner rene.donner at mac.com
Sat Aug 5 15:09:47 CDT 2006

hi prabhu,

thanks for the hint! i will try this and report on my results :-)


Am 05.08.2006 um 19:36 schrieb Prabhu Ramachandran:

>>>>>> "René" == René Donner <rene.donner at mac.com> writes:
>     René> hello, i have found this post
>     René> 	http://www.serpia.org/pygtk
>     René> on how to display a matplotlib figure inside a pyGTK window.
>     René> Is it somehow possible to do the same with the mlab module
>     René> from the Mayavi / tvtk visualization toolkit?
>     René> (http://scipy.org/Cookbook/ MayaVi/mlab)
> There is no native pyGTK port of the enthought tool suite UI tools
> (yet).  However, you could try and use gtk.Plug and gtk.Socket to
> "plug" the wxPython widget into your GTK widget.  I haven't tried this
> but it might just work.
> cheers,
> prabhu
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