[SciPy-user] Use of Scipy in a students final year mechanical engineering project.

William Hunter willemjagter at gmail.com
Mon Aug 7 02:53:31 CDT 2006


I'm a mechanical engineer; it's interesting to see that Matlab is also
the default choice in your part of the world and that programming
doesn't feature very well in your mechanical course, the same here...

1) Why don't you you do a small FEA program, assuming that you have
knowledge of this? Something simple where you can define 2D geometry
with AutoCAD or anything that can save in DXF format. You'll have to
read in the DXF file, represent with Matplotlib, mesh it (perhaps
using Delaunay), apply loads and constraints and solve the system. Or
perhaps just some aspects of this?

2) There's a whole lot of heat and mass transfer problems I can think
of (see book by Mills).

To justify this simply state that as a practising engineer entering
into your first job, you're boss is not going to buy Matlab for you
just so that you can solve a few problems. He'll most likely expect
you to use Excel (since everyone has that), but Python is free and can
do the job...


William Hunter

On 07/08/06, Stephen Kelly <stephen.kelly2 at ucdconnect.ie> wrote:
> Hi,
> I sent this email to Eric Jones, but he recommended that I send it to this
> mailing list instead. I'm trying to see if scipy could fit into a final year
> project for my mechanical engineering course.
> I am a student of mechanical engineering in UCD Dublin , and part of my
> course involves doing a final year project. We do very little programming in
> my course, but as coding and python in particular is something that
> interests me, I'd like to have some involvement in python in my final year
> project.
> Because my course is not centered around coding, I think I'd be more likely
> to be able to do a project on applying a python application like scipy to a
> problem, or using python as glue in a scripting applicatin. I found scipy
> while searching for an idea for a project that I could do in python, while
> staying within the scope of mechanical engineering and my course. I'm still
> no closer to an idea, so I thought I'd write to you to see if you had any
> ideas of what I might be able to do as a mechanical engineer with
> python/scipy.
> Something that I think might be plausible might be a simulation or
> computational analysis of some kind, but I would probably need to justify
> using python for whatever I do rather than MatLab, which is the industry
> standard, and the program that my lecturers are already familiar with. I
> have never used MatLab myself, so I'm not sure what it offers.
> I would appreciate any thoughts you might have on this. I emailed one of my
> lecturers already, who asked me for more specific details and to give
> thought to the type of project I would like to do.
> Kind Regards,
> Stephen Kelly
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