[SciPy-user] symbolic math & scipy (& maxima)...

fredantispam at free.fr fredantispam at free.fr
Mon Aug 7 08:45:02 CDT 2006


I need to find out the (first) derivative of associated Legendre polynomials
defined in lpmn(m,n,x).

The problem is that I want to derive vs theta where x=cos(theta).

For instance, for m=1 & n=0,
P_0^1(cos(theta)) = cos(theta) -> P_0^1'(cos(theta)) = -sin(theta)

I know that scipy has not symbolic math module (and pythonica seems
to be quite old & unmaintained).

But I use maxima.

So I wonder if it would be possible to run maxima, derive
assoc_legendre_p(n,m,cos(theta)) vs. theta and "send" the result to python.

How could I do that ?


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