[SciPy-user] Use of Scipy in a students final year mechanical engineering project.

John Hassler hasslerjc at adelphia.net
Wed Aug 9 12:52:09 CDT 2006

Along the lines of "what can be done" with Python, go to:


and look, in particular, at the Navier-Stokes module.  (The example uses 
Python for scripting, and C for the heavy crunching.  Although I haven't 
gotten around to trying it, I think that Python/Scipy would also be 
practical.  Python/Numeric was certainly fast enough for some FEM work I 


Stephen Kelly wrote:
> [snip]
> I haven't yet found the time to use scipy and see for myself what I can
> do with it, but I will hopefully get the chance to do so next week. I'll
> have a look around the wiki and mailing list and find some demos and
> tutorials. Even if a project I do this year is not centered around
> scipy, I will certainly try to use it for any computation that comes up.
> Thanks again for the responses and interest in this.
> Stephen Kelly.

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