[SciPy-user] ODE solvers and Scipy

JJ josh8912 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 12 08:20:40 CDT 2006

I am just about to start building a somewhat complex
dynamic model that will incorporate a large  number
(~50-100) of differential equations and parameters to
be estimated.  This is my first project of this type,
so I am on a steep learning curve.  I could build it
using Matlab's Simulink, but I would rather build it
in Python.  I have looked for good graphical
interfaces to ODE solvers in Python but have not found
any that seem suitable.  I would not mind using the
Scipy ODE solvers, but I have a couple of quick,
simple questions before I invest a lot of time in that
direction.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  

-- The (few) examples I have seen in using Scipy's ODE
functions are only small, simple ones.  Is there
anything to prevent use of the solvers for larger,
more complex systems of ODEs?

-- Has anyone seen a good tutorial on use of Scipy's
ODE solver for larger (or at least not tiny) problems?

-- Are there other Open Source packages out there that
might offer more options than Scipy's ODE solver?  I
dont want to make this job any harder than I need to. 
Ive looked but didnt see any.

-- Simulink offers use of various model blocks to
simplify model building.  I can write my own, but is
there any public code already available along these
lines for use with Scipy's ODE solver?

Please pardon the simplicity of my questions and
thanks for your help.  Would anyone be willing to
allow me to write privately if I have a few troubles
along the way?


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