[SciPy-user] Call for testing

Stephen Walton stephen.walton at csun.edu
Sat Aug 12 20:02:04 CDT 2006

Steve Lianoglou wrote:

>> Thank you all for running the test !
>> Finally I have disabled ATLAS by
>> export ATLAS=None
>> Good news is that I get the correct result.
>> So I guess it's definitely an ATLAS issue.
Yes, but I think the real difficulty is ATLAS 3.6.0 vs. 3.7.11.  I would 
like to see some kind of official statement, I suppose, about which 
version of ATLAS scipy builds best with.  3.6.0 is stable but very old;  
Clint Whaley is recommending use of the 3.7 series.  The good news is 
that he has a grant to help pay him for the time it will take to get a 
new stable release out.  Nils, it might be worth trying ATLAS 3.7.13, 
which has a completely new (and much improved) configuration, but READ 
THE DOCS first.  Building 3.7.13 is very different from building any 
previous versions.

Frankly, I need stability more than the last iota of speed right now, so 
I'm using the Fedora Extras 3.6.0 ATLAS binaries with Scipy, which gives 
adequate performance and scipy.test(1) finishes with no errors.


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