[SciPy-user] Still SciPy installation problems on SUSE linux

Sebastian Busch sebastian_busch at gmx.net
Tue Aug 15 11:53:20 CDT 2006

Nils Wagner wrote:
> Sebastian Busch wrote:
>> ... After fighting a long time with LAPACK and atlas, I
>> decided to try lapack & blas provided by SUSE (which doesn't seem to
>> change much, as far as I can see).
>> ...
> Please deinstall the rpm's provided by SUSE ! They are incomplete.

Thanks. I did so and installed the precompiled ATLAS 3.6.0 library, then
completed it with LAPACK. I also installed IPython & f2py. Now, things
work fine. Before, I tried to work the ATLAS developer version, perhaps
this was not a good idea.

It still gives
Overwriting info=<function info at 0x41c716bc> from scipy.misc (was
<function info at 0x40885534> from numpy.lib.utils)
but, according to David, this is not a problem.

Thanks again,

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