[SciPy-user] hough transform again (stephen emslie)

Josh Marshall josh.p.marshall at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 01:15:19 CDT 2006

I have some code for working with Hough transforms and their  
inverses. I haven't been following this thread very closely, so  
hopefully this is useful to someone. It hasn't been tested in  
isolation, but it does work fine embedded in my application.

     import * from Hough
     ht = HoughTransformFromFilename("my_test_image.jpg")
and then:

Note that this is *not* the standard Hough transform that operates on  
binary thresholded images. Rather, this an alternate "Hough"  
transform as described in the Shapiro & Stockman book. It takes the  
grayscale image and calculates the gradient at every pixel, discards  
those with a small magnitude and adds the rest to the Hough transform  

However, the inverse functions should be easily modifiable to be used  
with the real standard Hough transform. I like this form better  
because I am working with noisy images, which give useless results  
with the standard version.


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