[SciPy-user] Shooting method in scipy

Ganesh V ganesh.iitm at gmail.com
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The main steps of the shooting method are
> - Transform the given boundary value problem into an initial value
> problem with estimated parameters
> - Adjust the parameters iteratively to reproduce the given boundary values

I remember this..


This is the book.. Numerical Methods in Engineering with Python from the
Cambridge Univ Press. This book has a chapter on solving Two point boundary
value problems. But since the book is meant to teach Numerical methods, he
has developed all the necessary machinery including ODEint and Newton
Raphson iteration all by himself using Numpy alone and uses those functions
to write the code for solving BVP's. A similar thing will have to be done
using Scipy's packages now I guess.. or are we expecting a code fully
written in C, C++, FORTRAN ?? I could help if it were the former..not the
latter. I have been wanting this for quite some time now !! Too basic a
feature to be missing in the Scipy !!



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