[SciPy-user] OT(?): Lab hardware interface

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Tue Aug 22 11:05:16 CDT 2006

Hi Gary,

There are a number of options, but they are hardware and/or OS dependent.

On linux, the 700 pound gorilla is comedi. This supports lots of
hardware and has a Python interface. (Last I checked, however, they did
not support the nice and inexpensive Measurement Computing USB devices.
I have some useful-for-me but not polished linux wrappers for these
devices based on Warren Jasper's GPL-licensed C libraries.)

On Windows, there are various Python wrappers for the
manufacturer-provided C API for at least National Instruments (last I
checked) and Measurement Computing (I "maintain" this one, called

Bryce is right that pyserial and pyparallel are great for serial and
parallel, if that's all you need.

Let me know if you need any more info.


Gary Pajer wrote:
> Soon I'm going to need to interface my experiment to my computer.
> Can any one suggest any python tools that might exist?  I've been 
> googling for abour an hour, and haven't come up with anything.
>   I can't afford LabView at the moment, and besides, I've never used it 
> so it doesn't have the advantage of familiarity.  I don't need a 
> graphical environment.  At first the equipment will be very simple:  a 
> couple of photodiodes, an A/D converter, perhaps a stepper motor controler.
> Any hints are welcome. 
> If this strikes you as noise, please accept my apology.
> Thanks,
> gary
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