[SciPy-user] find roots for spherical bessel functions...

fred fredantispam at free.fr
Tue Aug 22 18:43:16 CDT 2006

fred a écrit :

> This is useful when you want to find out _all_ zeros for 1<m,n<100 for
> example.
> But when you only want the nth zero of the mth Jn, I think I can find an
> easier algorithm (I'm currently working
> on it)
In fact, my second idea was to interpolate intevals [a,b] (which should
contain zero) for a given Jn, and then for Jn
for all n. Both should be linear interpolation.

But I can't get it working fine because linear interpolation does not
match very well [a,b] values :-(
So... I don't know.

Nevertheless, I have at least one solution to find out zeros of
spherical Bessel, which works fine.

Thanks to all.



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