[SciPy-user] OT(?): Lab hardware interface

Gary Ruben gruben at bigpond.net.au
Wed Aug 23 09:21:48 CDT 2006

Was this mentioned?

Gary R.

Bryce Hendrix wrote:
> I'm not sure how much this helps- pyserial and pyparallel are packages 
> for interfacing with hardware via the serial and parallel ports. If you 
> use the Enthought disto of Python, it includes pyserial.
> Bryce
> Gary Pajer wrote:
>> Soon I'm going to need to interface my experiment to my computer.
>> Can any one suggest any python tools that might exist?  I've been 
>> googling for abour an hour, and haven't come up with anything.
>>   I can't afford LabView at the moment, and besides, I've never used it 
>> so it doesn't have the advantage of familiarity.  I don't need a 
>> graphical environment.  At first the equipment will be very simple:  a 
>> couple of photodiodes, an A/D converter, perhaps a stepper motor controler.
>> Any hints are welcome. 
>> If this strikes you as noise, please accept my apology.
>> Thanks,
>> gary

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