[SciPy-user] hough transform again

Mark Heslep mark at mitre.org
Thu Aug 24 11:51:12 CDT 2006

stephen emslie wrote:
> It could be that Stefan's hough is fast because it uses only one for 
> loop,
> and lots of array operations, which I believe are fast.
> Speed is definitely going to be an issue for me, as I'm going to need 
> to be
> able to process a video feed in real-time. But I'd like to try and get
> things working with scipy and radon to start, and then look at speeding
> things up.
You might find the open source Hough code in OpenCv instructive / 
useful.  It's mature (Cv started in '99) and highly optimized, 
supporting standard and probabilistic methods for line and circle 
finding.  On x86 platforms you will find its speed unbeatable for 
packaged code, especially w/ Intel's IPP.

Wiki documentation for HoughLines2 w/ a C  example at the API level:

To see the underlying code you want the cvhough.cpp module in ../cv/src/ 
from the download tarball.  There's also a Python example in 
../samples/python/  of the CVS version, using OpenCv's Swig - Python 
port.  I'm working on a ctypes Py port.


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