[SciPy-user] umfpack.report_info()

Nils Wagner nwagner at iam.uni-stuttgart.de
Fri Dec 1 05:54:46 CST 2006


Umfpack provides a function for printing statistics.
I am wondering if SuperLU has a similar function.


from scipy import *
import scipy.linsolve.umfpack as um
print 'Reading A'
A     = io.mmread('sherman2.mtx')
A     = A.tocsr()
print 'Reading RHS'
b = io.mmread('sherman2_rhs1.mtx').squeeze()

# Contruct the solver
umfpack = um.UmfpackContext() # Use default 'di' family of UMFPACK routines.
# Make LU decomposition.
# Use already LU-decomposed matrix.
sol1 = umfpack( um.UMFPACK_A, A, b, autoTranspose = True )
# Print statistics.

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