[SciPy-user] feed-forward neural network for python

Emanuele Olivetti olivetti at itc.it
Wed Dec 6 02:57:45 CST 2006

Marek Wojciechowski wrote:
> Hi!
> I released feed-forward neural network for python project at sourceforge  
> (ffnet). I'm announcing it here because it depends on numpy/scipy tandem,  
> so you, folks, are potential users/testers :)
> If anyone is interested please visit ffnet.sourceforge.net (and then post  
> comments if any...)

Hi Marek,
thank you for you ANN implementation. I'm currently interested in recurrent
neural networks so I hope you'll add them too in near future ;)

Anyway, for those interested in ANN you can check conx.py module of
PyRobotics project. It's just one python file (182Kb of python source!)
inside a much bigger project. Conx.py is self contained and unfortunately
it needs Numeric and not numpy :((

What about mixing ffnet and conx.py? ;)

Some links:
http://www.pyrorobotics.org/  - main site
http://www.pyrorobotics.org/?page=PyroModuleNeuralNetworks   -  conx module introduction
http://cvs.cs.brynmawr.edu/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/pyrobot/brain/conx.py - actual conx.py code
http://www.pyrorobotics.org/?page=Building_20Neural_20Networks_20using_20Conx - conx example code



P.S.: both ffnet and conx.py are released under GPL. Good!

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