[SciPy-user] Newbie question about boolean condition argument (isempty command equivalent in matlab)

Giorgio Luciano giorgio.luciano at chimica.unige.it
Wed Dec 6 09:40:30 CST 2006

thanks a lot to otto
I've finished my regression module. I'm testing it and I will soon 
"release" it to anyone interested in chemometrics (I've sent a message 
to the international society of chemometrics and some people seems 
interested in creating a repository fo pyhom chemometrics module)... but 
I've a small doubt
this works good

bar(N, b1[:,0], width, color='r', yerr=binterv)
 #if s3!=[]:
 for i3 in arange(len(s3)):
  text(s3[i3], b1[s3[i3]+ini],'***')
 for i2 in arange(len(s2)):
  text(s2[i2], b1[s2[i2]+ini],'**')
 for i1 in arange(len(s1)):
  text(s1[i1], b1[s1[i1]+ini],'*')
 title('Plot of the coefficients of the model')

and when i uncomment the ifs3!=[] part it does not...
so in this case I've solve the problem.. but is there an equivalent for 
isempty matlab command in scilab/numpy ?



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