[SciPy-user] Scipy Superpack (was Re: pajer at iname.com has sent you a, file.)

R. Padraic Springuel R.Springuel at umit.maine.edu
Wed Dec 6 09:15:46 CST 2006

Well, I got scipy and matplotlib working now.  For scipy, installing
gfortran worked just as advertised.  For maplotlib, I decided to
download it directly from their sourceforge site and install it along
with wxPython for back end purposes (it's the same backend I use on
Windows so I like the consistency).  It was easier for me than trying to
figure out if more than one matplotlib file was missing.

Is there anyway that the Superpack could include a Readme.txt file with
installation instructions?  I know that I'll sometimes download stuff to
install later when I'm offline and I'm sure that others do too.  Having
the installation instructions in a txt file in the download would help
in those situations.  Also, the installation instructions on the Scipy
website aren't clear about when they apply to the Superpack installation
and when they apply to a build from scratch installation.  Some
clarification here would be useful.

I'm willing to help write the installation instructions for the
Superpack (to the best of my ability), but don't know where they might
be submitted (direction?).  Also, since I use wxPython for my matplotlib
backend, if there are any specific instructions for PyMC (which I think
is another backend) that would make the installation go smoother, I
wouldn't be able to provide those.

R. Padraic Springuel
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