[SciPy-user] help on numerical modelisation of near-sinusoidal function using SciPy for pendulum analysis

Robert VERGNES robert.vergnes at yahoo.fr
Thu Dec 7 16:03:52 CST 2006


new to Python.
I would like to know if in SciPy there is a already a fucntion for the modelisation of a  near sinusoidal function. ie: 
I have result from data acquisition from a pendulum and I obtain a text file with a matrix:
(t(sec), Theta(deg)).

 And I 'know' that is it is in the form of 

Theta(t) = a+b*sin(co*t+phi)

And I want to give my matrix [t,Theta] to a Python Lib class and get in return the nearest parameters a,b,co and phi ( and if possible the error level ).

Does it exist in Python librairy or SciPy or Pynum???

Currently I am doing that job with Regressi.exe from evariste - it works ok. but I would like to enclose this calculation in a larger set of other analysis hence I would like to get a function doing that modelisation - regression from the curve to the function we believe right.




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