[SciPy-user] Adding a page to the SciPy Wiki??

David Linke davidlinke at tiscali.de
Fri Dec 8 14:16:27 CST 2006

Hi Lou,

The easiest way to create a new page is going to


There you enter the new name in the last field and Click "goto page" - 
if that page does not exist you come to a screen where you can select to 
create the content "Create new empty page". You can also use one of the 
suggested templates.

Just start and ask (on the wiki page) how to do certain things - there 
are several people to help. If you want to upload your file with the 
examples add:


to the page and save the page. After saving you will get a link that you 
can use to upload.



Lou Pecora wrote:
> I would like to add a page on my C extensions to the
> Wiki and a link to the tar file of the code, but I am
> having problems getting started.  Several people have
> pointed me to various SciPy.org pages.  I have added a
> new link to a non-existent page by adding a /MyNewPage
> on the URL and it says it automatically will add a
> page, but when I tell it what to add (a blank page) it
> just says I need to log in to do that.  When I look
> for log in on the SciPy site I don't see it anywhere. 
> I have no idea what the templates mean and whether I
> should choose one of them.  All the pages I go to to
> try to add a new page are marked Immutable Page in the
> left column.  Clicking on the balloon (Edit) tells me
> I can't do that.  
> Sorry, gang, this newbie is still lost.  
> -- Lou Pecora
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