[SciPy-user] Building SciPy on OS X: Universal binary

Bill Northcott w.northcott at unsw.edu.au
Mon Dec 11 16:53:15 CST 2006

On 12/12/2006, at 5:00 AM, Josh Marshall wrote:
> However, as a related question, if I have both g77 and gfortran
> installed, how do I select gfortran as the compiler? I have tried
> various combinations of lines similar to
> python setup.py config --fcompiler=gnu95 build
> but g77 is always selected for the build.
The usual procedure is to define the F77 environment variable:
export F77=/path/to/fortrancompiler     (on bash)
setenv F77 /path/to/fortrancompiler     (for tcsh)


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