[SciPy-user] strange error in integrate.romb

Gael Varoquaux gael.varoquaux at normalesup.org
Wed Dec 13 16:06:50 CST 2006

On Wed, Dec 13, 2006 at 03:02:20PM -0700, Travis Oliphant wrote:
> I've tried to clean it up.

Great, thanks. I would have sent a patch if I had svn installed on this
box. Good docstrings are really important.

> > Second if I run it on a really simple test case, I get an error, and it
> > seems the error is due to a trivial bug in the code:

> Hmm.  Which version do you have?  It seems to be right in my version of 
> scipy.

Ooops, I forgot to specify this. I have 0.5.1, shipped by Ubuntu Edgy.

I just checked svn on the net (I should have done this before). The
docstring is much more helpful, and indeed the bug is gone.

Sorry about the noise.


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