[SciPy-user] desactivating R

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 03:44:56 CST 2006

Joshua Petterson wrote:
> Hi all,
> it's certainely a stupid question, but how can I desactivate the use of
> R when I do a "from scipy import *" or "from scipy.stats import stats",
> because I have some trouble with it (random segfault)? Do I have to
> uninstall "rpy"?

You can also edit Lib/stats/__init__.py (in the source distribution;
scipy/stats/__init__.py if you want to edit your installed copy) and remove the
lines that import from rpy. However, you should note that you are using a very
old version of scipy that is not maintained any more. I removed that import from
the current version of scipy quite some time ago.

> Another question: is it possible to save a session from ipython, like we
> can do with R?

No, you can't really save a "live" workspace of the Python interpreter. It's a
deep restriction of the interpreter implementation, so there's not much ipython
can do about it. There is Stackless Python, a modification of the Python
interpreter that can do this, but I've never really tested it much less with
scipy or ipython.


Robert Kern

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