[SciPy-user] Wow, Python much faster than MatLab

Stef Mientki s.mientki at ru.nl
Fri Dec 29 16:14:06 CST 2006

hi All,

instead of questions,
my first success story:

I converted my first MatLab algorithm into Python (using SciPy),
and it not only works perfectly,
but also runs much faster:

MatLab: 14 msec
Python:  2 msec

After taking the first difficult steps into Python,
all kind of small problems as you already know,
it nows seems a piece of cake to convert from MatLab to Python.
(the final programs of MatLab and Python can almost only be 
distinguished by the comment character ;-)

Especially I like:
- more relaxed behavior of exceeded the upper limit of a 
(1-dimensional)  array
- much more functions available, like a simple "mean"
- reducing datatype if it's allowed (booleans of 1 byte)

thanks for all your help,
probably need some more in the future,
Stef Mientki

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