[SciPy-user] New user questions

Steve Schmerler elcorto at gmx.net
Sun Dec 31 07:38:17 CST 2006

Niklas Saers wrote:

> Warning: FAILURE importing tests for <module  
> 'scipy.linsolve.umfpack.umfpack' from '...y/linsolve/umfpack/ 
> umfpack.pyc'>
> Warning: FAILURE importing tests for <module 'scipy.linsolve.umfpack'  
>>from '.../linsolve/umfpack/__init__.pyc'>
> I can import scipy.linsolve and scipy.linsolve.umfpack, though.  
> Should I be worried or not worry about this at all? :-)

On Linux, I get these warnings too but because I've no UMFPACK 
installed. As long as you don't plan to use linsolve heavily you should 
be set up just fine. I don't know much about linsolve because I don't 
use it myself but the doc says the default solver is from the SuperLU 
lib in case UMPFPACK isn't found. Which one is better is ahead of my 
knwoledge, but it's probably UMFPACK ... :)

Anyway, development is well underway and the guys are doing a great job.


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