[SciPy-user] BLT for python.

Peter Jensen p.jensen at virgin.net
Wed Feb 1 14:09:40 CST 2006

I am new to python, and I am writing a
program to display simulation and 
measurements results.

I have a raw version of the program
which uses gnuplot and Tkinter, however 
I would like to make the graphs more 
interactive. Marker etc...

I found BLT for python at :


It looks very good Does anybody have 
experience with it. Should we add it to 

http://www.scipy.org/Wiki/Topical_Software  ?

I also looked at Chaco at :


Again. There is no link at :


I also looked a matplotlib, however it
does not look well suited for interactive 
graphs e.g markers are only functional
with wxwindows. For TK they are difficult
to get to work properly.

Any recommendations ?.



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