[SciPy-user] BLT for python.

Gary pajer at iname.com
Thu Feb 2 14:16:52 CST 2006

Peter Jensen wrote:

>I am new to python, and I am writing a
>program to display simulation and 
>measurements results.
>I have a raw version of the program
>which uses gnuplot and Tkinter, however 
>I would like to make the graphs more 
>interactive. Marker etc...
>I found BLT for python at :
>It looks very good Does anybody have 
>experience with it. Should we add it to 
>http://www.scipy.org/Wiki/Topical_Software  ?
I have a few real-time (strip-chart-like) apps that use BLT. It works 
well in real time.   It's seems that BLT's not in development anymore, 
so I keep waiting for the day when the apps won't run anymore.  The "z" 
(latest) version of BLT is slightly broken under Linux,  but there is a 

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